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Inox wine tanks provide ideal conditions for wine fermentation, care and storage without oxydation and guarantee extremely high standards of hygiene. The process of fermentation and the cold stabilization of wine is controled by dimpled cooling jackets through which a cooling fluid is circulated, and allows control of fermentation and maintene optimal temperature of the wine. We also provide wine tanks with floating lid.

(Pump-Over Wine Fermentation Tank)

Vertical stainless steel pump-over wine fermentation tank is intended for maceration of grape pomace and wine fermentation but it also can be used as a classic wine storage tank. Built-in filter separates the liquid part and through a circulation pipe and spray ball enable the must to be pumped over the cap which helps the msceration. After maceration, fermentation and decantation of the must from the fermenter, the grape marc needs to be removed. The flat bottom is sloped towards the large rectangular manhole that provides an easy drainage and emptying the grape marc from the tank and makes cleanin of the tank inside easy and simple.

Pump-over wine fermentation tank is primarily intended for maceration of grape pomace, but it also can be used as a classic wine storage tank.


PRO - MONT Sremski Karlovci

Our experience in making products from the best materials for dairies, breweries and wineries will make your premises and production facilities pleasant for your work and stay in them. Before leaving our facility, each product is examined and tested. The quality of our products and the satisfaction of our clients always comes first.


PRO-MONT Sremski Karlovci

In order to justify the expectations of every buyer we pay special attention to the agreed deadline and the quality of the making of our products.
We pay attention to every detail in all stages of production starting from planning, the making of the product and ending with the delivery of the product to the client.
Our years of experience, as well as the perfecting of our professional staff, is on all levels the guarantee for the top quality of all our products.


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Quality and management policy

In the professional team PRO-MONT Sremski Karlovci only experts are employed from all areas needed for the production of our products and during the work process they contribute to the safety of the property as well as continuous progress of our services with a clear goal to give our clients full warranty on quality. When you visit or call us, you will talk with engineers and experienced craftsmen. You will receive the necessary information and most importantly the high-quality product.






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