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PRO-MONT Sremski Karlovci

We offer you the highest quality at competitive prices

Unique equipment for breweries, dairies and wineries.

Pro Mont Sremski Karlovci

Craft Brewing Equipment

We can produce brewing equipment with capacity of 200 to 2000L per brew. We’re producing different types of brewhouses, fermenters and all other related equipment for small craft breweries.Regarding heating of brewhouse vessels we can construct you different types – electricity, gas or steam.

Basic Equipment

  • Basic brewing equipment from our production program contains:

    • Mash tun
    • Lauter tun
    • Whirlpool
    • Fermenter
    • Cold liquor tank
    • Hot liquor tank
    • CIP unit

    Also, we can produce equipment upon your request.


Quality and management policy

In the professional team PRO-MONT Sremski Karlovci only experts are employed from all areas needed for the production of our products and during the work process they contribute to the safety of the property as well as continuous progress of our services with a clear goal to give our clients full warranty on quality. When you visit or call us, you will talk with engineers and experienced craftsmen. You will receive the necessary information and most importantly the high-quality product.